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 Gallery - Video Diary of a Lost Girl


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Available now on Blu-ray through Vinegar Syndrome!

Video Diary of a Lost Girl is a rock and roll horror fantasy where we meet the immortal Louise and her beloved Charlie. Unfortunately due to Louise's supernatural origins, every man she sleeps with must die so that she can survive! A heart felt love letter to 80's horror, punk, VHS and german expressionism. PMS has never been this deadly! Winner of the Audience Award at the 2012 Chicago Underground Film Festival and Fangoria gives it three out of four skulls!



 Gallery - Killer Makeover

(Coming Soon!)

Killer Makeover is about a beauty school dropout that gets cursed by a witch, so that anyone she puts make-up on dies! She ends up finding love and a paycheck as a mortician, but someone at the funeral home wants to use the curse for something more sinister then just an open casket!

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