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Hi, I'm Lindsay Denniberg!

Owner of Pandora's Talk Box Productions

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My films have been described as psychedelic, neon, charming and bloody. I would describe them as just the cartoon body horror hell-scape that exists in my head (and heart).


I'm best known for my experimental romantic horror comedy Video Diary of a Lost Girl, a love letter to SOV, VHS and and PMS! Now available on Bluray through Vinegar Syndrome!

I was raised in the tacky wilderness of southern Florida, and found my tribe of fellow artistic weirdos in film school at UCF. After working as Lloyd Kaufman's assistant at Troma, I got an MFA in Film, Video and New Media at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

While working on my feature films, I also like to keep it interesting and create horror-themed performance art, video art and installations!


Check out my new STORE for posters, prints, pins and shirts!


All proceeds go towards the finishing funds of my latest horror film: Killer Makeover!

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